So life was crazy this week...I had to stay late at work and get up super early (5 AM - shudder) several days this week for a project to get done Thursday. The project? My bosses were having a coffee break to says thanks to all 132 staff members for all their hard work for the past year and they always give a gift every year. This year it was a personalized calendar with everyone's pictures in it and I had to create it, take pictures, print it and put it together physically...let's just say it was the longest (over 6 months of taking close to 200 pictures, design layout, etc., and 1 crazy week of putting it together) and most taxing project (I used a combinding(?) machine for the first time and if you know what one is - then we need to talk!) I've ever done... but it was received with great success...everyone liked it..but I am tired and ready for the weekend!


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Steph B. said...

WAY TO GO!!!!!!!