Glorious thoughts...a suitable mercy

By his cross, divine holiness and justice were exalted, and through his triumph, grace and mercy are poured out to the full. In glorious thoughts of this let my soul live, and in believing it let my soul die. And let the present wonder of this glory make way for the eternal enjoyment of it in it’s beauty and fullness…

One view of Christ’s glory by faith will scatter all the fears, answer all the objections and disperse all the depressions of the poor, tempted, doubting souls. To all believers it is an anchor which they may cast within the veil, to hold them firm and steadfast in all trials, storms and temptations, both in life and in death.

- John Owen, The Glory of Christ (p 80-81)


Jesus Christ is a suitable mercy, suited in every respect to all our needs and wants. “Ye are complete in him.” (Col. 2: 20)

Are we enemies? He is reconciliation. Are we sold to sin and Satan? He is redemption. Are we condemned by the law? He is the Lord our righteousness. Has sin polluted us? He is a fountain opened for sin, and for uncleanness. Are we lost by departing from God? He is the way to the Father.

Rest is not so suitable to the weary, nor bread to the hungry, as Christ is to the wants of the sinner.

- John Flavel, The Method of Grace

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