Hairs cut and brows waxed - I feel like a woman!

Tonight I got a trim and my brows waxed by the best, Robyn Atticks. Ahh...I love getting my haircut and even though it's painful, I love the way my eyebrows look after getting waxed. Exciting for a Friday night?

Haha...well, the funny thing is that Robyn thought I was getting my hair colored and apparently she told another patroness that I was getting my hair colored and there was some discussion on color choices. Apparently, the word "blonde" came up and Robyn and I talked and she suggested I find some examples of something I like and bring it in next time (6 weeks away). I've had highlights before, but they were very blonde and I didn't like how they looked. Way too much of a contrast. I would be up for blonde highlights, like maybe a honey blonde? Is that even a color?

So, why am I posting this on my blog when I know that anything I post may come back to haunt me? Well, I am enlisting your help. If you have any suggestions or even better, any pictures of highlights that would look good, please send them my way.



~Danielle~ said...

honey blond hightlights.......or maybe a golden [light] brown?

Carol said...

Some type of blond would be really sweet. Nothing to blond. Something a bit more then subtle. I think highlights would be just the ticket for ya. I always loved when I had them. Just something fun to do.

the patroness =)