The Ideal Christian Woman

I was alerted to this from another blog I visit and when I read through it, I noticed I was nodding and interacting with the article by saying out loud, "yes!" and "ooh that's good" which for me is signs that I'm engaged in the article rather than glancing at it. So, I am passing it along to you and apparently it's part of a series, so I will be forwarding that as well.

Before you click below, please know that I'm not singling out anyone. I think CCL is full of godly women who are wonderful examples to me of the power, grace and evidences of the fruit of the gospel. I think I am posting these articles for me and for those out there who are tempted to size themselves up with others, or tend to compare their lives with others to see where they fit or rank, both things that I am guilty of and continue to battle against. I found these articles to be like a mirror using God's word in providing light onto lies, encouragement and hope. I hope they do the same or even more for you.

The Ideal Christian Woman, Part I

The Ideal Christian Woman, Part II

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