You Gotta Get more Candy!

So, tonight was my first trick-or-treat at my new house. I got things ready beforehand on Monday and made 61 individual sandwich bags with three pieces of candy in each of them. I thought I had enough candy, but apparently, I am a lightweight candy giver or I wasn't even prepared for the onslaught of kids in my neighborhood. I didn't even make it for one hour! The kids totally cleaned me out! I ran out of candy with a group of kids and kept apologizing as I was trying to make my way back to my house (I sat outside on my front porch) and as I was opening the door, a little girl said out loud, "You GOTTA GET MORE CANDY!" And I laughed in agreement because well...she was right.


Cutest outfit I saw...Sunshine Bear of the Care Bears...

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Anonymous said...

HaHa! That's why we stopped doing trick or treat! We would get so many kids we would run out of candy also, we would even give apples, money, and then finally we started to give out invitations to church! Better watch out they'll get your number and remember!!!!!!!
Have a good one,