10 signs...

Ten signs you addicted to living in Lancaster City, PA

1. You know when the annual bike race is.
2. You would rather go through the city than take the 30 bypass.
3. You are on a first name basis with a vendor at Central Market.
4. You would rather go to one of the many coffee places in the city than Starbucks.
5. You are a master of parallel parking – left side, right side – it doesn’t matter.
6. You have walked to First Friday.
7. You don’t need an “I heart Lancaster City” bumper sticker to share what is already evident.
8. You can walk to a friend’s house and do so on a consistent basis.
9. You encourage others to live in the city.
10. You already have about 10 more signs to add to this list.

**For all my city dwelling friends!

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