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On his blog Worship Matters, Bob Kauflin announced that he sent the final manuscript for his book, Worship Matters: Leading Others to Encounter the Greatness of God to be published in April 2008.

I look forward to the book. I appreciate and have grown through his teachings on the subject of worshipping God through music. He is also a gifted musician and it is always a treat to be under his leadership during times of corporate worship.

Today I also received a link to an article Bob wrote for Boundless that I have no doubt will also be in his book. I do encourage you to read the article. Although it will be directed more towards worship leaders, it may also provide some light on how to encourage worship leaders in their roles if you see them exemplify some of Bob's examples.

Some tasty tidbits that may convince you to read the article:

Of course, there are times we experience God's presence in a more pronounced way than at other times. God sometimes makes a group of people aware that He is in their midst. It may be in response to a healing or God's Word being powerfully preached. A holy awe fills the room and everyone thinks, "God showed up!" Actually, we're just more aware of Him.

At other times sensing God's presence is the result of meditating on His love or His faithfulness in caring for us. As our focus changes, faith rises in our hearts. But feelings can be misleading. It might be the sound of the music that makes us think God is closer that He was 15 minutes ago. But in Christ we are as near to God as we'll ever be.


How do we know God loves and accepts us? By looking at Jesus Christ, beaten and bruised for our transgressions, giving up His life in our place on the cross. There will never be a greater proof or demonstration of God's love.

It's not uncommon for us to "feel" loved by God when we're engaged in worship. But if that feeling isn't rooted in the gospel, it will be an elusive sensation. It's not enough to sing songs about God's love that produce warm feelings in our hearts. We need to remember the reality of Christ crucified.

If we focus on what God did 2,000 years ago rather than just 20 minutes ago, we'll eventually find our hearts ravished by His amazing love.


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