I don't like...

the Patriots.

That's all.


Alicia said...


Viv said...

Thats a neat feature you have...to subscribe to your blog!
...so I subscribed :)
Now I'll catch all the latest on your life!
My heart goes out to you during this emotional holiday Sara. I see God's grace so evident in you because you are pressing into him with those verses you posted.
Continue to find your joy in Him each day as he gives you His good portion.
love you,
ps. Glad to hear that your family is visiting. I don't think I've met your dad yet. Will you bring them to church?

LauraJoy said...

Agreed :(

Steph B. said...

I did think about you all up there in PA while the game was going on.. But I won't say who Gabe was cheering for!!!