By a strong hand

Below is the link to a post on the blog of Mark and Stephen Altrogge called The Blazing Center.


I really thought this link was timely given my church's current series on The 10 commandments. I know one quote for me at the beginning of the series that really challenged me was when Pete said that it is easier to take someone out of sin, rather than take the sin out of the person. He based this statement on the passages where God reminds Israel that it was He who brough them out of the land of slavery. God could have easily destroyed the Egyptians but it was easier and better for Israel to be taken out of Egypt. I was struck by the statement because they are obviously two different things.

This post by Mark Altrogge reflects on how hard it is to save a sinner in rebellion against God. It is depthful and I came away reading the post marvelling and rejoicing that God did do the hard things and did save me. I also came away hopeful after reading the last paragraph, copied below.

How mighty is God's strong hand! How unstoppable his grace! Praise God, for by this same strong hand he will transform us into his own likeness and keep us to the end. No one will snatch us out of Christ's strong hand. If he so powerfully saved us he will surely strengthen, protect and deliver us. Put your hope in Heaven's Warrior to fight for you. Put your hope in our Strong Hand God.

What a merciful and benevolent God!

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