Uno Won!

The first of his breed to win the coveted Best in Show, but he's not the only famous beagle.
There's Snoopy.

There's Underdog.

I'm sorry..where are all the famous cats?


Steph B. said...

I wanted to watch the show last night but Gabe didn't.. I kept telling him a beagel was going to win so.. do you know what he did... LOL.. he turned it to the news... and then called Caleb... not to tell him anything about the dog but to talk to him b/c Uno made him think of Caleb... funny huh

Danielle Wilson said...

Heathcliffe, Garfield, that froo-froo cat on the commercial where he eats out of a crystal glass (he's either been around for a long time, has a double, or has been stuffed), that cat that was always trying to eat Tweety Bird, and all the presidential kitty cats! :)

Sara said...

LOL @ Danielle's comment!

But let's see...Heathcliffe was up to no good, Garfield - same deal, Sylvester tried to eat Tweety, and I can't remember presidential kitties, but I can name three presidential dogs, Barney, Miss Beazley, and Buddy.

Dogs Rule...period

Anonymous said...

The famous cats are living at my house!!! Adorable,cuddly, and cute!!!!!! There's Superb Sam, Marvelous Maggie, Tuxedo Tom, and who can deny Charming Carl !!!!!
I was glad though to see the beagle win! He has personality!! So did the Golden Retriever - she was gorgeous!

Lisa said...

right - we can't forget little pepsi!!! aaaahhhh, memories of WV.

don't forget about Tom & Jerry....that was the first famous cat i thought of.....but NOTHING lives up to good 'ol Snoop !!!


Danielle Wilson said...

Somehow had a cat named Boots...Clinton? We'll try not to hold that against the cat...... :)