it doesn't matter why you picked them, as long as they win

So on Sunday, I was asked/challenged on my decision with UNC to win it all. I believe the words were "who would pick ANY team from the ACC?" While I had an informative and pretty indefensible response to pick UNC, because of who the questioner/challenger was, I decided to say, "I just like their uniforms. Don't you think it's a pretty blue?"

Needless to say. I left this person speechless.

GO UNC!!!!


Danielle Wilson said...

good answer! But you know, that really would have been mine! =)

Steph B. said...

My fav colors are Old gold and blue!!!!

GO WVU!!!!

Lisa said...

great answer!! i would have to say that's my favorite shade of blue - everyone knows what you mean when you say Carolina blue.

Anonymous said...

I know who you left speechless!!! :) :) :)