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This is your public service announcement in the midst of March Madness.

My church, Crossway Church of Lancaster, now has joined the ranks of bloggers and blog sites. The CCL Life blog is another way for the pastors to communicate to the church body. One thing I have found helpful is that you can have the option to have their posts emailed to you. I like this feature and have it for this blog. It's good for me, because often time, I only have time to check email and not surf the web.

So check out the CCL Life blog. Today's post by Doug is about the single ladies meeting a couple of weeks ago. I recommend everyone read the post. While it, I believed, served us single ladies, it can be applicable to anyone in an "identity crisis." Here's a quote that may pique your interest.

Whenever we choose to identify ourselves at a shallower depth than the deep soil of our common salvation in the gospel, we will quickly find the branches of fellowship become brittle as we shrink in our capacity to love and serve those who are different than us.

This has been your public service announcement. Our regularly scheduled postings on March Madness will resume shortly.

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Danielle Wilson said...

hey congrats, didn't i hear this morning on the radio that the tarheels won? i didn't understand half of what the news guy was saying, but i thought it odd that my alarm wakes me up to this march madness stuff. but anyhow, i listened to see how your team did! =) i'm getting sucked in whether i like it or not!!