To Fear What Will Never Be

My sin is to fear what will never be.
I forget to submit to thy will
and fail to be quiet there.
But Scripture teaches me
that thy active will reveals a
steadfast purpose on my behalf
and this quietens my soul
and makes me love thee.

"Shortcomings" in the Valley of Vision.


Anonymous said...

Hey Girl,

Thanks for the bracket update. I haven't had the time to check the brackets just watched a little of the WV and Xavier game last night.
I had Xavier winning!!! But playing Duke :( .I have 38 right so far and Kansas winning. How's your pics doing? NC is doing good so far ...... You like them because of their blue uniforms ????? Sara you are such a girl !!!! tehe tehe I would never be aloud in this house hold to pick a team because of the uniform color !!!!
Have a great one, Dawn

Steph B. said...

WVU LOST :( Oh well... at least they made the Sweet 16