You got issues? Then you need to change your subscription!

Hello everyone,

Due to some technical difficulties and my limited knowledge of how to fix technical things, I am changing my blog subscription service. Hence the title. (Did you like that? I did.) I do heart feedburner, but apparently it does not heart my blog and all the funky things I add to it from time to time.

If you signed up for my blog to be delivered to your email, you haven't seen it for awhile. There is still a way to receive my blog in email, but you will have to re-sign up here. You will need to enter my blog address and then enter your email address. Your email address will not be stored, sold or used by this company. I use this service with some other blogs I keep up with and I haven't received any unwanted email associated with this service.

So, sorry for this disruption to your Stank'N Rank'N blog fill. Hopefully regular programming will resume shortly.


1 comment:

Jude & Kate's Mom said...

I was just checking on you because I hadn't gotten an update in my email from you in awhile. Now I see why. I will have to renew my subscription. But truthfully, I miss actually logging on and leaving comments...so maybe I won't renew and I'll start "coming to you" instead of making you "come to me."

Love ya, Neighbor!