Your Place Series #2

This past Wednesday was the second of the Your Place series meetings with the pastors of my church. This time, the singles, numbering 14, gathered at the Haugherys home. Upon being warmly received, we were given the task to tour the house and be ready to discuss something that surprised us or something we had a question about. After awhile, Bill gathered us in the living room and before we discussed our findings, Bill and Cynthia shared their story of how they met, married and eventually came to the Lancaster area. Then we shared our findings and questions about the house. It was really interesting to hear what stood out to people but what was even more special and humbling was how Bill and Cynthia shared intimate and special stories about each thing a person shared. As discussion flowed, Bill even opened up for people to ask questions about anything about their life. What followed was a very humble time as some questions surrounded their granddaughter and the impact of her passing away a year next week on them and their family. Many tears flowed, from us, not from the Haugherys, and it was such an honor and very humbling that they would share about their sufferings and how God met them and continues to meet them. Then the meeting concluded with Bill praying for us and giving us a copy of an article on Self Pity from the Journal of Biblical Counseling.

For me, meeting with the Haugherys was like returning to a familar place with many memories. And while some things look different, its still a home full of the gospel, God's word, prayer, joys and sorrows and laughter. It was a great time and wonderful to spend time with the Haugherys.

Let's see, the next time, is a special meeting with guest speaker whose name is escaping me right now. But it sounds like it will be another great time.

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bhaughery said...

Thanks for your kind words. It was so good to have you back in our home Sara. You are always welcome. Just like you were the very first day you came and didn't want to be there!