So... Part II


What does it say about a person, now people, who sends you, inappropriate, albeit highlarious, emails all because said person sent the right email to the wrong person (me) and I was merely pointing out (mocking them of) their email snafu.

I wish I could post their emails here, but my blog would probably get the big FLAG. Let's just say it has to do with chapter 9.

Thanks Julie (said person), Lisa and Laura (said people)!


LauraJoy said...

Oh, come on now...I'm sure your blog would be perfectly fine if you posted the word s-e-x...hee hee. For a second I was hoping you knew I was joking. And then I thought "duh...Sara's not nearly as gullible as me". Glad you can appreciate a little tease on a Monday morning!

Sara said...

Laura - did you get my email? i am pretty darn funny, let me tell ya.