Giving Thanks that God is Not Done With Me

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year.  I think because it's the holiday of my favorite season - Fall - as well as it's a time for family and friends to gather and to give thanks.  It's the kickoff of the holiday season and I can't think of a better holiday to start things off right. 

This year, as with others, I contemplated what to give thanks for.  As I mentally made my list, it seemed small.  Not small in quantity, but in quality.  Now, please don't think that I am referring to the latest technology gadget (I have only had a Kindle for less than a year and now the Kindle Fire comes out!).  Rather in my mind's eye, the things over the past year I'm most thankful for are not seen and not temporary. 

Over the past year,

- I've become more aware and thankful for Jesus interceding for me, my family and friends in difficult trials and suffering. 

- I'm thankful that God is an "ever present refuge" for His children.  There is no danger that God is not a refuge for. 

- I'm thankful for the Holy Spirit to speak truth and comfort to my soul in navigating the dangerous terrain of lies and bitterness.  It felt like being in the middle of a field of bombs and one wrong step would cause damage, but the Holy Spirit helped me know where to walk with the least amount of damage. 

These are only a few things and my limited writing skills does not adequately describe what I'm thankful for.  I think if I could sum up what I'm thankful for the most is that God is not done with me.  Oh, there's so much in that one statement.

God is not done with:

- Molding my rebellious heart into a heart that seeks Him
- Blessing me with every good gift He has for me
- Caring for me
- Protecting me - from myself and others
- Providing everything I will ever need
- Showering His mercy on me
- Revealing more of Himself to me
- Growing faith in Him
- Preparing me for heaven
- Working all things together for my good
- Fulfilling all the promises intended for me
- Et al.

Yes, this Thanksgiving season, I am thankful that God is not done with me yet. 

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